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Welcome To ACRUX

Design Accelerating (Ready to Use | Custom) Solutions
Defense | Network | Gateway | (I)IoT | Medical | ADAS | HMI

Ready to Use Solutions

We serve high-tech hardware and software modules for your designs and products

We work with you for integrating our high-tech hardware and software modules to your designs and products

Custom Solutions

We plan, design, test and produce custom high-tech hardware and software for your system requirements

We work with you to determine your system requirements

Our Services

Analyze & Propose & PoC & Design & Test & Production


We analyze your system requirements with you


We propose a suitable design for the analyzed system requirements

Proof of Concept

We develop Proof of Concept for critical system parts with our (Ready to Use | Custom) solutions


We design turn-key hardware and software for your system


We prototype and test design with our unique unit test systems


We go into mass production and supply tested systems

Hardware Skills


2-4 Layers
  • 8/16/32-bit MCU based HW
  • CPLD based HW
  • SDRAM Memory Interfaces
  • Low Speed Bus Interfaces(SPI, UART, I2C, etc.)
  • Low Speed Communication Interfaces(10/100Base-T, USB 2.0, CAN, LIN, etc.)
  • Wireless Sensor Nodes(802.11b/g/n, BLE 4/5, Thread, LoRa, NB-IoT)
  • Audio Interfaces(I2S, S/PDIF, SAI, etc.)
  • Actuator Controllers(Motor, Valve, Heater, etc.)


6-10 Layers
  • 32/64-bit MPU/SoC based HW
  • Mid-Range FPGA based HW
  • DSP based HW
  • DDR2/LPDDR2/DDR3/DDR3L Memory Interfaces
  • High Speed Bus Interfaces(SD, SDIO, eMMC, etc.)
  • High Speed Communication Interfaces(1G/2.5Base-T, USB 3.0, PCIe Gen1/2, SerDes, etc.)
  • High Speed Fibre Interfaces(SFP, SFP+)
  • Wireless Networks(802.11ac/ax MIMO, 4G LTE)
  • Video Interfaces(Multi Channel LVDS, HDMI, DP, DSI, CSI etc.)


12+ Layers
  • 64-bit Network Processor based HW
  • High-End FPGA based HW
  • GPU based HW
  • ACAP based HW
  • DDR4/LPDDR4 Memory Interfaces
  • Ultra High Speed Bus Interfaces(PCIe Gen3/4, NVMe, AMBA, AXI4, Wishbone)
  • Ultra High Speed Chip2Chip Interfaces(Aurora, etc.)
  • Ultra High Speed Fibre Interfaces(QSFP, QSFP+)

Software Skills


  • BareMetal MCU Application Development
  • Verilog, VHDL CPLD Application Development
  • FreeRTOS MCU Application Development
  • Mbed OS MCU Application Development
  • Zephyr OS MCU Application Development
  • UI Application Development(LVGL, TouchGFX, etc.)


  • Board Support Package Development
  • U-boot Bootloader Customization/Development
  • Linux Kernel Customization/Development
  • Linux Device Driver Customization/Development
  • Root File System Customization/Development
  • BareMetal FPGA(SoftProcessor) Design/Application Development
  • OS/RTOS FPGA(SoftProcessor) Design/Application Development
  • UI Application Development(Qt | QML, SDL, GTK, TotalCross, etc.)
  • (I)Iot Web Server Application Development


  • Verilog, VHDL IP Core Development
  • HLS IP Core Development
  • AXI, AXIS IP Core Development
  • Custom IP Core Device Driver Development
  • QEMU Based Simulation Environment for MCU/MPU/FPGA Applications

Contact Us

  • Address(HQ):

    YDA Center
    Dumlupınar Bulvarı Kızılırmak Mahallesi No:9/A 34th Floor 904

  • Address(R&D-1):

    YDA Center
    Dumlupınar Bulvarı Kızılırmak Mahallesi No:9/A 5th Floor 149

  • Address(R&D-2):

    ODTÜ Teknokent
    Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi Dumlupınar Bulvarı No:280G/1260

  • Address(PROD-1):

    YDA Center
    Dumlupınar Bulvarı Kızılırmak Mahallesi No:9/A 5th Floor 148

  • Address(Kazakhstan):

    Esil district, Mangilik El Avenue, the Building No:52/A, BC Noble, 5th Floor

  • Phone:

    +90 (312) 552 25 25-26

  • Fax:

    +90 (312) 552 25 27

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